Do you have memories dreading French lessons at school because you didn’t like the teacher? Or skipping maths because you didn’t connect with the teacher? The importance of finding a teacher who connects with the student can’t be stressed enough.

Remember, each professional musician has also been taught by someone so they will know the value of this teacher/student relationship. They will all have developed their own sense and style of teaching, along with their own niche interests in music. For example, some teachers will connect well with very young students, whilst others are advanced jazz players who would be well suited to refining the ability of an intermediate jazz student!

There are a number of things you may want to consider when asking us about a teacher:

  • Is the student a beginner, or have they played the instrument before?
  • The age of the student
  • Whether you would like the student to study through grades, or not
  • How the teacher will provide structure to the tuition
  • How to practise at home between lessons

The first time you meet a teacher you will be able to get a good understanding of how the teacher/student relationship feels. Our teachers teach the first lesson as a trial lesson so you can ensure you will be happy going forward!