Hire an instrument to get you started!

Committing to buying an instrument can be expensive, time consuming and uncertain.

Often, it takes a couple of months to know what you are looking for and to know if the instrument you are learning is the instrument for you. Some parents are also concerned about committing to buying an instrument if they are uncertain about whether their child will take to it.

Therefore, Forte Arts also offers instrument hire so that you can ease into the learning process and discover if it is the one for you at a small monthly cost, without having to commit. Instrument hire with us is very easy, and delivery to your home is free-of-charge.

+Piano and Keyboard Hire

Electric pianos and keyboards are our most popular hire instruments. We have a good range of electric pianos and keyboards which are all touch sensitive and have weighted keys. They are very realistic to play and are therefore suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

+Flute Hire

We stock a number of beginner flutes which come with everything you need to get you started up. We can provide flutes with a curved head for those younger students - just let us know your requirements, otherwise we can advise you.

+Clarinet Hire

We have a range of B flat clarinets (standard clarinets) for hire. Each clarinet comes with a hard case, cleaning equipment and a music stand (optional). Everything you need to get started!

+Saxophone Hire

The saxophone is an expensive instrument to buy so many students choose to hire at first. We stock some excellent instruments suitable for beginners and intermediate players at inexpensive prices.

+Trumpet/Cornet Hire

Depending on the student's age, we can provide you with a trumpet, or a cornet for those younger students. Each instrument comes with valve oil, and a hard case with a handle for easy transit.

+Violin Hire

Violins come in many different sizes depending on the size/age of the student. We stock all sizes of violin ranging from 1/8 size, to full size. Often, hiring is a good way to avoid having to buy and sell your violin each time your child grows out of it! We also hire full size (4/4) violins to adults.

+Cello Hire

Similarly to the violin, cellos come in many different sizes depending on the size/age of the student. Hiring can be attractive to those parents who don't want to buy a new cello each time their child grows too big for it! We stock all sizes of cello from 1/8 size to full size (4/4), so adults can hire too!

+Guitar Hire

We stock a large range of guitars (both electric and acoustic) along with practice amps (for electric guitars). Acoustic guitars are available in many different sizes depending on the size/age of the student. As a new instrument is required each time the child grows out of their old instrument, parents often choose to hire with us. We stock all sizes of guitar from 1/8 size to full (4/4) size.

+Drums Hire

Students/parents are often worried about noise when they/their child is learning to play the drums. Therefore, we offer electronic drum kit hire whereby the student can practise with headphones. We can also provide an amp (with a volume control!) to use if needed without headphones. Electronic drum kits also take up less space, so are ideal for home use.